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The Building and Grounds Committee would like to send a HUGE thank you to everyone that came out to spruce up the church grounds this morning! We made light work of spreading two truck loads of mulch!

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Over the past few weeks, our Resources & Management Committee has talked to you about the hopes and dreams we have for Highlands in the coming year. What was discovered is that most of our dreams fall into one of four categories - Capital improvements (technology, new organ, sign, windows), Mission (growing Micah’s, Sarai’s Closet), Fellowship (more fellowship dinners, small groups), and Youth and Children ministries (more youth, hiring a DCE) - with most of these dreams falling into that last category.

When “crunching the numbers,” achieving the goal of a full-time staff person to focus on ministries to children, youth, and families would require an increase of $60,000 from our 2023 budget. In 2023, we had 75 giving units (households). Of those 75 units, 25 households contribute more than $3,500/year making up 70% of our revenue with 50 units contributing the other 30%. In order to reach the dream of increasing our pledges to an additional $60,000, it is suggested that households currently giving more than $3,500 could increase their giving by $100/month and those currently giving less than $3,500 could increase their giving by $50/month. The Resources and Management Committee hopes that you will prayerfully consider your ability to help us reach this goal.

Formal Stewardship letters will be heading your way in the coming days, but as Mark mentioned, we’ll be “flooding” you with pledge cards. So, here is your first opportunity to go ahead and submit your pledge if you’re ready. Simply click on the links here to complete your Pledge Card and Time & Talent Form (more to come on that next week).

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Our Highlands family was blessed to have known Lucy Donmoyer. We first met her as an adorable little preschooler who spent her days learning at playing at Highlands Precious Gifts. Lucy lit up every room and made instant friends with everyone who crossed her path. In April 2020, Lucy was diagnosed with High-Risk Neuroblastoma.

As Lucy's family has said, "Lucy was wise beyond her years and taught each of us how to smile through the storm. While her time with us was way too short, we will always remember the love she shared with us, the inspiration and motivation that she gave each of us, and the strength that she had."

One of Lucy's wishes was to continue to bring joy and life to this world. In honoring this wish, Lucy's parents, Jordan and Jessica, selected a few of Lucy's favorite places to plant memorial trees in her honor. Lucy loved Highlands and the amazing staff our preschool.

Lucy's Garden will serve as a place for all us to remember Lucy and her sweet smile, to thank God for each day, and to be reminded to "cover [others] in sunshine!"

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